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Walking Festival Roundup.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend, there were roughly 250 walkers out over the weekend. It was pretty intense at times but in the end the following roles were assigned for the weekend:


‘A’ Walk: Conor O’Neill, EI4JN & John Burke, EI2JB

‘B’ Walk: Bernard Tyers (& YL), EI8FDB

‘C’ Walk: Eddie Kavanagh, EI3FFB & John McCarthy, EI8JA

Mobile Digi/Voice Repeater 1, Seamus Ryan, EI8EPB

Mobile Digi/Voice Repeater 2, Paul Norris, EI3ENB

Base: John Ronan, EI7IG


‘A’ Walk: Tommy Hallinan, EI2IT

‘B’ Walk: Bernard Tyers (& YL), EI8FDB

‘C’ Walk: Eddie Kavanagh, EI3FFB & Joe Leahy, EI5GE

Mobile Digi/Voice Repeater 1, Seamus Ryan, EI8EPB

Mobile Digi/Voice Repeater 2, Conor O’Neill, EI4JN

Base: John Ronan, EI7IG, John Burke, EI2JB & Andy Jay, EI5JF

View during the walksSaturday Snapshot - xastir
The conditions were possibly the worst we have experienced at the walking festival, special thanks to everyone who travelled to help. And we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Galtee Mountain Walking Festival

Tipperary Amateur Radio Group, along with members of AREN are providing communication assistance over the Galty Walking Festival weekend, beginning tomorrow June 2nd. If you’re at a loose end over the weekend and feel you could have something to contribute, please listen out/call on our simplex frequency 145.450. TARG/AREN has been officially thanked for our participation by the walks’ organising commitee.

The event will also be the initial field trial of the GAISS project, so a very interesting weekend is in store.

If you’re coming to the walk and you have some spare radio equipment/antennas sitting there, bring it!
It’s better to be looking at it, than looking for it!

Hope to see you all there – Registration at “The Foot” bar at 9am, but we’ll be setting up radios etc some time before that – tune to 145.450, this will be monitored.


Tipperary Amateur Radio Grp – Counties Contest

On the 9th April three members of Tipperary Amateur Radio Group staged a field event to participate in the IRTS 2m Counties Contest under their callsign EI7T. Our original plan was to take the Argo out of hibernation and go up Slievenamon, but unluckily for us, the heather was being burned off the mountain all weekend, so we didn’t fancy calling CQ from an inferno. So Plan B was to go to an elevated site at Tommy’s QTH.

Pictured L to R: John Ronan EI7IG; Tommy Hallinan EI2IT; Seamus Ryan EI8EPB
(click thumbnail for fullsize)

John Ronan EI7IG;  Tommy Hallinan EI2IT; Seamus Ryan EI8EPB

Below was taken just after the contest had ended, the day never really opened up, it stayed overcast and with a little nip in the wind, still a very pleasant day though. Two of the three of us forgot our ‘nosebag’ so we didn’t delay packing up and getting on our way, despite a scare of missing car keys (7IG’s) for a period, we were gone after 45 minutes.


2m Counties Contest

We hope everyone had as much fun as TARG members had today in participating in the contest, many thanks to EI2IT, EI3ENB and EI7IG for operating in quite cool conditions at the top of Slievenamban. Good luck to all that participated and Happy Easter!

After several years absence, TARG returned to the top of Slievenamban for the counties contest. Though cold, it was good fun, and to paraphrase the immortal words of Arnie, “We’ll be back”. Many thanks to Jim Ronan for working on getting the Argo 8×8 mountain-worthy.

Hmmm, will this hold?

I can’t find it, lads, Lads?

Walking Festival

The committee of Tipperary Amateur Radio Group would like to thank everyone who helped out over the weekend of the Galtee Walking Festival on the 1st/2nd of April.

  • Conor O’Neill, EI4JN
  • Tommy Hallinan – EI2IT
  • John Burke – EI2JB
  • Luke Burke – SWL
  • Stephen O’Leary – SWL
  • Eamon Kavanagh – EI3FFB
  • Paul Norris – EI3ENB
  • John Ronan – EI7IG

We plan to have a more detailed report (and pictures) at some stage in the future.